Introducing DynamixIntroducing Dynamix

 We aim to create a fairer society by developing people's skills for Participation, Co-operation, Inclusion, Play and Enterprise. We achieve this through providing a number of services that help people to engage and explore serious issues in a fun way.


We do this through training, consultation and facilitation and everything we do uses Dynamix's participative methodology.  We have written quite a few books about our unique methods. 



We specialise in subjects relating to youth work, participation, play, co-operative & enterprise education, inclusion and Health & Well Being but can adapt our methods to many themes. We have worked on themes such as anti-bullying, employment, child poverty and emotional literacy.


Dynamix is a social enterprise and a workers cooperative.  We are contracted by Welsh Government, local authorities, charities, voluntary & other third sector organisations, national bodies & public authorities and community organisations.