Case studies

Dynamix has done a wide range of exciting work over the last 30 years, working with an array of partners in the public, private and third sectors. Here are some examples of the work we do.


Dynamix were asked by the Social Services and Integration department in Welsh Government to find out what children and young people who have experienced CSE (Child Sexual Exploitation), have been trafficked or have been at risk of going missing, think the adults that support them need to know.  The results of this consultation were used to inform the updated statutory guidance on CSE and a practitioner’s resource.

The consultation was designed in line with National Participation Standards. Qualitative methods were used that allowed the young people to share their stories and views in a safe and engaging environment, where their emotional well-being was paramount.

Activities were regularly adapted to the specific needs of participants on the day and were chosen to ensure maximum output of information whilst being sensitive to any emotional needs.

Some of the young people wanted to take part but were not ready to be part of a group consultation. To ensure that these young people’s voices were heard in this consultation, Dynamix designed a training pack that workers could use on a 1-2-1 basis with the young people. This contained all the relevant methods and activities laid out in an accessible and engaging format for workers to use when appropriate with these young people.


Support worker feedback

“I think being involved in this and other projects has really helped change their identity from someone who needs help to someone who can help - very powerful in their recovery.”

Equality and diversity

Dynamix has delivered a wide range of equalities and inclusion projects in the past. The ‘Building a Stronger Britain together’ programme was the perfect opportunity to build on past projects and work with schools.

Participation training

Dynamix have been working with Invest Local communities across Wales to develop skills in participation, inclusion and consultation. Invest Local is an all-Wales programme with the principles of asset‐based community development at its core.

Tackling the tension

Dynamix team building gives your team a chance to unwind, relax and get to know each other, The Tackling The Tensions programme is a series of awareness-raising training sessions.

Team development days

Dynamix has delivered a series of team development days focusing on new ways of working and getting the team to feed into new practices, sharing understanding, new plans, and ways of working.

Team building

Dynamix has delivered numerous team building sessions, bringing together workers from across the county to share understanding of different ways of working and building connections with teams that often work in isolation. 

Sharing participation methods

This project engaged with young people to give them the skills and confidence to have a voice in their local community and put them in touch with those who needed to listen to be able to make the changes they wanted to see.

Youth grants panel

Dynamix were asked to facilitate participation activities at a residential weekend for Youth-Led Grant Panel members, Youth Volunteer Advisors and associated organisations.